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Article: Using a Habit Tracker for Your Pets

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Using a Habit Tracker for Your Pets


As a pet owner, you know that taking care of your furry friend can be a lot of work. But it's worth it, because they bring so much joy to our lives. From walks and playtime to feeding and grooming, there are many different aspects our critters rely on us as pet parents to keep up with for them when it comes to pet care. And if you're not careful, it can be easy to let some of these things slip your mind from time to time in our busy lifestyle. Plus, if you have ever worked with a one-on-one pet trainer or taken a class you know that consistence is key for these little guys.

That's where a habit tracker comes in handy. A habit tracker is simply a tool that helps you keep track of your daily tasks and routines, and we can use it for our Woofies too. By using a habit tracker, you can make sure you are consistent and that you're taking care of your pet as best as possible.

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Here are a few different ways to use a habit tracker to care for our four-legged family members:Tracking your pet's daily routine: Use your habit tracker to help you remember your pet's daily routine and stay on schedule. Include things like feeding times, walks, and playtime in your tracker. This will help you keep your pet on a regular schedule and make sure they're getting the exercise and attention they need.

01 Tracking your pet's daily routine: Use your habit tracker to help you remember your pet's daily routine and stay on schedule. Include things like feeding times, walks, and playtime in your tracker. This will help you keep your pet on a regular schedule and make sure they're getting the exercise and attention they need.

02 Training your pet: A habit tracker is a perfect tool when training your pet. After all, you are trying to set “a habit” for them. Use it to track your pet's progress on learning new tricks or commands or setting up a schedule for yourself to work with them on it. If you have a new puppy, habit trackers are great for potty training. If you track when they make mistakes most often, you can be sure to provide them with a pad or outdoor time so they learn through positive reinforcement. This will help you see how well they're doing and where they may need more practice. 

03 Keeping track of medications: If your pet takes medication, use your habit tracker to help you remember when to give it to them. This will ensure they get their medication on time and help you keep track of how well it's working. This can be flea medication, probiotics, or as your pet ages, they may require more daily meds. Often times, they have to be spaced out 12 hours so its helpful as a reminder.

04 Track your pet's exercise schedule: Another important aspect of pet care is making sure your pet gets enough exercise and play time. A habit tracker can help you keep track of how much time you spent on your walk, when the last time you went to the dog park to run around, or log time you play with your pet so they stay active and healthy. This also helps your pet avoid bad habits if they use that pint up energy for negative habits.

05 Track your pet's grooming schedule: Grooming is another important part of taking care of your pet. A habit tracker can remind you when it's time to brush your pet's fur, brush their teeth, or give them a bath so they always look and smell their best.

06 Track your pet's appointments: Keeping track of trainer or vet appointments is not always easy with our schedules, but It's important to take your pet to the vet regularly for check-ups, expel their glands, shots, and vaccinations. A habit tracker can help you keep track of when these appointments were last performed, or coming up, so you don't forget and put your pet's health at risk.

07 Track items you need to restock: Knowing before you run out, what items you need to restock soon, such as treats, food, potty bags, bones, medications, etc. can save you the hassle of multiple trips to the pet store. You can keep an area on your tracker to jot down notes of items that are about to run out. When you are at the store, pull out your weeks trackers and make your list from that. This way you do not forget something that you may not have used that day.

08 Track your pet's general health: In addition to tracking vet appointments, a habit tracker is also a great way to keep an eye on your pet's overall health to know what to ask your vet next time. You can use it to track things like weight, energy levels, and any changes in behavior, such as noticing if they are chewing on paws, scratching more than normal, etc. that could be indicative of a health problem.

Tracking my baby Bear’s health habits was a big win in our house. I personally learned that Bear needed probiotics when I started tracking his paw chewing combined with scratching. I always thought it was seasonal allergies but I was only noticing it some of the time. It was actually almost everyday when I started actually tracking and journaling his habits. I was able to ask our Vet and now he is much better.

By using your habit tracker to help with your pet care, you really can ensure your pet is healthy and happy. It keeps you consistent, so that they can be consistent. You can use any general habit tracker or download our free pet habit tracker here. 



So get to tracking so the tails are wagging. Your furry friend will thank you for it.

Happy International Dog Day! 🐾

This week BBB Supples explains helpful ways to use a pet tracker, and offers a free download pet tracker

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