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Article: Six Unique Ways to Edge Washi Tape

Six Unique Ways to Edge Washi Tape

When I first started bullet journaling, I felt overwhelmed by all the inspirational and beautiful spreads people posted. I also felt intimidated. If I’m being honest, I still am. I don’t post photos of my BUJO and I have a washi tape business.

When you see all of the basic elements in it’s finished state, it can be hard to know what techniques are being used. I have decided to do a ‘Weekly Wednesday Washi Tip’ on #washiwednesday and I want to bring it back to the basics. After all basic technique is the building block for full freedom of creativity. I will of course bring you some more advanced and unique ways to use washi tape… But really this series is about simple techniques that you can incorporate and take action on right away in your BUJO, planner, or Calendar.

When I was filming the video, I learned that the lighting and cameras were totally in my way which actually made it difficult to do some of the simple things such as cutting a straight edge LOL. I was going to re-film the video, and then I thought “no! I think everybody needs a reminder that bullet journaling has a hint of humanity. It’s done by hand and that’s something that makes it special.” It doesn’t have to be instaperfect. I didn’t do it perfect in this video, I don’t do it perfect in my personal BUJO, and you shouldn’t stress about that either!

BBB Supplies shows you how to edge washi tape, and lets you know it is ok to not be insta perfect all the time
Remember when you watch the video, that these are singular elements you are meant to mix and match to incorporate together when making titles, banners, and decoration in your bullet journal (BUJO), planner or calendar. Our next weekly wednesday washi tip will show you how you make banners and you will see that you can do each banner style - with a different edge - which means six different ways you can do one single banner to make a new page in your bullet journal unique. 

If there are some techniques you see that you want us to do a video on, be sure to leave a comment on our youtube and subscribe if you want to get all our Weekly Wednesday Washi Tape. Happy Washi Wednesday guys!

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