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Article: FAQ: What Pens Work Best on Washi Tape?


FAQ: What Pens Work Best on Washi Tape?

We love washi tape around here, obviously, and we love it even more when we use it for our journal to write titles, or for banners. One of our frequently asked questions is what pens work best on our washi tape for journaling, calendaring, and bullet journaling (BUJO). We show you which pens work best on our solid washi tapes.

Rule of thumb, as long as you stay away from water-based pens, you should be good with most solid tapes, but we wanted to show you which are our favorites here at BBB Supplies. We tell you which ones have no dry time when journaling and writing on washi tape. We offer gel pen options as well as marker-style pens, plus a little bonus on which metallic pens and white gel pens work best on washi tape too! 


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