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Article: Digital Planner Versus Paper Planner

Digital Planner Versus Paper Planner

I’m gonna say something controversial… digital planner vs paper planner? BOTH!!! Please don’t shun me from the planner community for saying such a thing, but I actually do use both and feel it is the most efficient and helpful way to plan your week. Now here’s why…

First of all, let me get this out in the open, I just love paper! And when I took architectural lettering in college I fell in love with my print and handwriting. It just brings me JOY to put paper to pen! And in my book, finding joy in the everyday and mundane carries a lot of weight.

So the joy it brings aside, there are functional reasons I love to use a physical journal and planner for some items. I keep most of my do lists (with a few exceptions), all my habit trackers, and at a minimum, one weekly spread that has a small section for each day of that week in a physical journal. 

01. There is just a sense of accomplishment you get with the act of physically highlighting, marking through, or checking off an item. It's a serotonin boost.

02. You pay attention better to the data on a habit tracker if you have to write it out each time you log something. Therefore you can evaluate your shortcomings and accomplishments more often to make any adjustments or improvements sooner.

03. You commit things to memory with the act of writing it down.

Now, why do I need a digital when I love paper so much? There are a few very convenient reasons that make it a strong contender with paper and pen.

01. Some items are every week (or even every day) and I just do not need to waste time writing the same item on repeat every. single. day.

02. I have items that I need an actual alarm/noise to remind me to do it at a certain time of day or I will just flat out forget to do it.

03. It’s much easier to note an appointment, brain dump item or reminder to myself on my phone when I’m on the go.

So why fight to choose between these two styles when you can employee BOTH! I generally have my iPad calendar out while I’m journaling and prepping my to do list and goals for the week. I know to check my digital for any on the go updates, appointments I need to add, or if need to add or adjust in my physical planner.

What do you prefer paper + pen, digital or do you employ both to help you make the most of your week and schedule?

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