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Article: Habit Tracker Toolbox

Habit Trackers

Habit Tracker Toolbox

It's our June Toolbox time. This month I am obsessed with Habit trackers, so get ready to super charge your habit tracking with this month's tool roundup. These are our favorite tools to use when making and maintaining a habit tracker.

Our June tool roundup BBB Supplies Toolbox is all the best tools to use on your habit tracker.


This is ALWAYS number one in OUR toolbox. (I know. Shocking, right?)

For habit trackers, we love 5mm tape. It works best on most of the print at home downloadable trackers you can find on Etsy or Pinterest, and for any standard journal, and planner layout width. There are also a couple of great uses for washi.

✨ Washi is amazing for decorating your habit tracker pages. (Obvious, I know, but always worth repeating.)

✨ Narrow washi is perfect to make your grids/lines or to cover them up if you marked them in pen or pencil first.

✨ We also like it for marking off the days that I completed on a printable tracker.

 WASHI TAPE - This is our Habit Tracker Washi Tape favs page.


This is the least expensive and easiest way to mark your habit trackers, both printable and handdrawn trackers. While you can use a standard office supply highlighter, we of course prefer to have designer colors to make our planners and spread B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!! (Am I right?!?!)

I prefer these two brands:

SHARPIE S-NOTE - I use this the most. I think the colors are a little more pigmented which I prefer.

ZEBRA MIDLINERS- These are a brand favorite among the crafting and planner community, and for good reason. Variety of colors and the tip can be turned two ways to create lines and highlight.


These are fun because they come in a variety of colors to help you color coordinate your habits. And the real joy of this tool is how pretty and organized your habit tracker looks at the end of the month. 

STICKER DOTS - This is a nice pack. Good variety of soft colors and comes with a lot of stickers per pack.


Ok, these may not be essential, but they sure are a fun addition to your craft tools collection. These markers have a round tip, so it makes it easy to dab a circle quickly on the habit for the day.

TOMBOW DOT MARKERS - I prefer this brand of the two I have tried. Plus, Tombow is a trusted brand, especially in the BUJO community. We all know and love their brush tip markers for lettering.


Now, here is where you can get into real trouble, because there are so many amazing stamps out there, and especially ones specific to habit trackers. You can choose traditional wood block and rubber stamps or the acrylic peel and stick style stamps. Both have their advantage. I personally feel like the rubber stamps are easier to keep up with, clean, and last longer, but they cost more and take up more space. The acrylic ones have a large variety and are fairly inexpensive. Plus, you can slide them into a binder and they do not take up valuable space in your craft area.

ACRYLIC STAMPS - This is our collection of habit tracker stamps we sell in the shop

RUBBER STAMPS - These are a fabulous brand of rubber stamps, specifically for BUJO and habit trackers. It is another small business owner which hails from Canada.


TBH, I have never done my own BUJO layout without stencils. I do not have the patience to grid and layout lines, nor am I skilled at lettering. Each month I pull out my letter stencils for titles and the grids for monthly, weekly, and of course, habit tracker layouts. These stencils are so super easy, you will not know how you ever survived without them. These are a MUST for any serious planner or dedicated BUJO planner.

HABIT TRACKER STENCIL - This set is the collection I believe is best for habit trackers

STENCILS PAGES - We sell a variety of options, to help with all your projects and spreads.


You can use any run of the mill ruler here to make your grid lines, but we love these two rulers specifically because they offer a little added help with trackers specifically.

MIDORI RULER - This little guy is small but mighty. I prefer this one because it folds so that it is compact. You can open it to be a straight ruler, but it also allows you to mark degrees. This comes in handy in those popular but hard to make circle trackers.

HELIX CIRCLE MAKER - This guy is necessary if you like to do round habit trackers. Get perfect spaced circles every time. it's also a great ruler to make all sorts of shapes when decorating your habit tracker


Well, we know how convenient post notes are. And we did not invent post-its, or think of making them yellow! (You are my soulmate if you get that reference.) But, we did think of making them functional for habit trackers. Our post notes are as easy as peel and stick. You literally peel off, and stick down right onto your BUJO. Not sure it gets easier than that! We love to use a piece of washi tape to hold down the bottom. Any chance to use more washi the better!

HABIT TRACKER POST IT NOTE - This is our collection and designs. We kept it simple in black and white so you can add your own theme each month.

HABIT STICKERS - We also have an honorable mention here, because we love this little sticker pack from Sunny Streak. It comes with easy to place habit trackers too.

Well, that is June's Toolbox! How many of these do you already have? and what si the next habit tracker tool you must have!

Also, let us know in the comments if you try any of these tools or have any new recommendations. We are always looking for new and convenient ways to journal and we could use it in one of our future toolbox posts.


Pin our tool roundup for our best tools to use on habit trackers.


Our June tool roundup BBB Supplies Toolbox is all the best tools to use on your habit tracker.

*This post uses some affiliate links. This has no barring on our opinions, All products that we do not sell on our own site, we have purchased and actually used, so our opinions are based on our honest recommendation. That means that if you buy something through these links, we may earn a commission.

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