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Article: DIY: Make Garden Markers with Washi Tape

Washi DIY

DIY: Make Garden Markers with Washi Tape

 Get ready to add a touch of floral charm to your garden or potted plants with these adorable DIY Garden Markers! 🌻

Whether you're an avid gardener or have potted plant babies, these wooden markers, adorned with vibrant washi tape, can make your garden bloom with style. You can always discover creative and unique ways to use washi tape to add a personal touch.

This DIY garden markers made from washi tape, will add some colorful blooms to your garden.

✨ Supplies:

🍓Here are some fun uses:

  • Write the plant to remember where you planted the bulb
  • Write when it was planted for harvesting
  • Watering schedule for garden or potted plants
  • A gift message to a recipient of a potted plant
  • Mark your herb garden
  • Quippy phrases to add charming decor and to amuse your plants 😂

🪴Here are a few ideas for those quippy phrases:

  • I'm fly for a cacti
  • Be-leaf in yourself
  • You Grow Girl
  • Aloe There
  • I have enough Plants said no one ever!
  • Plants are my Soil-mates
  • Ah ha ha ha Stayin' Alive.
  • Let me Plant one on ya!
  • My life is a disaster but at least my plants are thriving!

🌵or for gift messages:

  • To Cheer a Friend up.... I'm Rooting For You!
  • To encourage someone... Keep Going. Keep Growing.
  • As a teacher's gift or client... "Thanks for helping me grow!"
  • For a friend or partner.... "We make a prickly pear!"
  • For housewarming gift... "Home is where your plants are."


🪻What creative ones can you come up with?🪻

And be sure to tag us on social if you use this DIY so we can see how your creativity blooms! #BBBSupplies

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