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Article: A goal without action is just a wish!

A goal without action is just a wish!

There is nothing wrong with wishes… but if you want to take actual steps towards a goal, ya gotta take action! This month I’m going to be focusing on tips, tricks and hacks for your to-do lists.

A goal without action is just a wish! This month we are talking about taking action on your to do list.

And honestly lists are my favorite thing in the entire world. I even have a list of lists I need to make- lol - (Im not saying that’s healthy nor should I be that obsessed with lists. Just telling the truth here!) Each Sunday I sit down and I write out my calendar and to do lists. I believe it sets a positive intention for what I would like to accomplish for the week ahead of me. But sometimes I can get lost in the planning and list making phase, so then I am scrambling to actually complete the action when it’s scheduled or even worse, I don’t take action at all. Anyone else feel that way?!? 🙋🏻‍♀️

So for this weeks Monday motivation… let’s stop wishing and let’s start doing! 💪🏼 take action on your todo list!!!

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