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Article: Wednesday Washi Tip - Washi Hack for To Do List

To Do Lists

Wednesday Washi Tip - Washi Hack for To Do List

Ready for a quick washi hack?!?

First, I have a confession- I love lists (I know. I’m super cool that way!) So… for this week's Wednesday washi tip, we show you how to use checklist washi tape on your to-do list.

Let me tell you, these tapes are the most used in my entire washi collection. Why? Because it's the ultimate time-saver. Pull it out, roll it out, and boom! You're ready to write it out. Fast, efficient to-do lists in a snap ⚡️

But that's not all. This simple tape brings something extra to the table—uniformity. With each box matching the next, you create a sense of organization and structure. And when your lists are organized, you can be more productive. I know this was a quick tip for this week's Wednesday Washi Tip, but I hope you find it genuinely helpful.

Happy Washi Wednesday, my fellow list lovers!

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