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Article: Make Washi Tape Stickers - Wednesday Washi Tip

Make Washi Tape Stickers - Wednesday Washi Tip

This week's Wednesday Washi Tip is a clever hack for creating unique stickers using washi tape in your bullet journal, planner, or calendar. Just imagine the endless possibilities with all the vibrant patterns and colors available in washi tape!

All you need is velum/wax paper, a punch in your desired shape, and some washi tape to get started. I've often struggled to find easy ways to add color to my bullet journal, especially since I don't paint or draw in it, so this is the perfect solution.

Now, let your creativity run wild with this tip. I'm envisioning handmade cards, creative gift wrapping, and even lunch box note cards! Share your ideas in the comments below! Stay tuned for next week's washi tip, and don't forget to subscribe for regular updates on our Washi Tips and Tricks, along with engaging DIY projects.

and as always... Happy #WashiWednesday, everyone! 

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