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Article: Why It's Okay to Skip Some Items on Your To-Do List

Why It's Okay to Skip Some Items on Your To-Do List

Why its ok to skip some items on your to do list

To Do lists being our theme this month (after all January is GO month - and what better way to organize your life than your to-do list.) But as we embark on this new week, let's fully embrace both the power of closure AND of new beginnings. Your to-do list isn't just about ticking boxes; it's a roadmap to progress and growth. “Remember some things have to end for better things to begin”

Now, I encourage you to take a moment to assess whether:

A. You need to remove a task entirely from your list?

Don't hesitate to remove a task if it no longer serves you. This isn't about giving up; rather, it's about making space for something even more fulfilling. Crossing off a task that no longer aligns with your goals isn't a failure—it's a step towards clarity and a fresh start.

On the other hand...

B. Do you need to commit to completing a lingering task?

I just watched the movie The Holdovers (which, by the way, is a fantastic film), and that word alone (plus, the plot of the movie) sums up how I feel about my list. The burden he had of watching this kid held over on winter break, is exactly how I feel about some of my projects held over from 2023—frustrating and I am so annoyed by them. As an Aries, my instinct is to drop what is boring me and embrace something new and exciting. Yet, there's also value in seeing a project through to completion. Every checked-off item is a step toward opening yourself up to the new things.

What's that one thing you're ready to wrap up to make room for something new and exciting? Take the time to decide if that task is an A or a B. Let's tap into the potential of our to-do lists and journals to pave the way for the amazing things ahead, whether that means letting go or seeing it through to the end! #FinishStrong #NewBeginningsAhead

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