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Article: Kid-Friendly Washi Tape DIY Mother's Day Gift

Kid-Friendly Washi Tape DIY Mother's Day Gift

Calling all my Dads and Aunties… looking for a fun and easy DIY Mother's Day gift that's perfect for kids to get involved in? Our latest DIY shows you how to use washi tape to print a photo directly on it to create a beautiful, artistic, and personalized gift mom is sure to love.

Let the kiddo get really involved here from selecting the photo, to the washi tape colors and patterns too! They can even mix and match - honestly, it is the perfect opportunity for them to really show their personality.

Plus, because washi tape can be torn, this is a kid-friendly craft project, so they can actually lay out the washi tape for you to print the image. There is no need for straight lines because the overlaps and organic tears only add to the artistic feel of the finished project.

Allow for a few minutes of dry time after printing. And they can even sign their name on the washi tape, just be sure to use a permanent marker though. (Like a Sharpie)

All you need for this DIY is a frame, scissors, cardstock, printer, and WASH TAPE!

✨ Of course, this technique can be used in all sorts of craft projects so be sure to save this video so you can return to it when you need some inspiration to create a custom artistic image.

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