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Article: Color Coordinate Planner - Wednesday Washi Tip

Color Coordinate Planner - Wednesday Washi Tip

This week's Washi Wednesday tip is a practical method to bring order by color coordinating your planner or bullet journal, all thanks to the versatility of washi tape. Whether you opt for patterns or colors as your visual guide, with the huge variety of washi tape options available, you can effortlessly find coordinating tapes to suit any month’s theme. This simple, yet impactful step significantly enhances the functionality of your planner, enabling you to access the needed section quickly throughout the month. The beauty of using washi tape is that it's easily removable at the end of the month, allowing you to adapt your key to match each new month's theme with fresh colors or patterns each month.

While this tip is a fantastic addition to your planner or bujo, consider these brilliant ideas to apply the concept:

☑️ Assign a unique color or pattern to each family member for organizing chore charts and notes around the house.

📓 Categorize your files with designated colors or patterns (e.g., Work, School, Blog, Health, etc.).

🍳 Organize your recipes across multiple cookbooks with designated colors or patterns (e.g., family favorites, potluck recipes, holiday favorites).

📎 Use colors to categorize subjects in school (and remember, this tip isn't just for students – teachers can use it to streamline subject organization).

This tip provides you with a visual reference, making it a quick and easy way to spot what you're looking for within a pile of items or a notebook brimming with multiple sections.

What are some ways you can think of to use this tip?! If you found this tip helpful, be sure to explore our reels page for more of our tips and hacks using washi tape. And for the latest updates with Tips and Tricks, engaging DIY projects, and, naturally, all things washi, don't forget to follow us.


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