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Article: December Banner Styles - Wednesday Washi Tip

December Banner Styles - Wednesday Washi Tip

Time for some Holiday Cheer… with these three new December banner and title styles for our Weekly Wednesday Washi Tip!

First up, I am keeping it simple and doing a rectangle banner. I am layering a few pieces which will provide you with a larger surface area for your titles. And this month I am going to be sneaky and use a stamp :) - I am layering out 05mm and our 03mm white washi tape to create a candy cane pattern backdrop.

Our second style can be used as a title or to-do list. I often will incorporate sticky notes into my BUJO, especially for lists I might want to update or change once I complete it. I am keeping it festive here and putting Santa's List. (All I want for Christmas is for Santa to complete my to list for me! LOL)

The third style is a simple single strip of 15mm red washi tape with a fishtail banner. I am drawing myself a very simple cute snowman to hold up the banner. I am using a sticker for the month...

✨BONUS TIP: Not a fan of your hand lettering? You’re not alone! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Don’t forget you can oftentimes find stickers, stamps, or washi tape with pre-printed phrases, months, days, and more. Using those not only takes the pressure off your lettering, but it’s also another chance to infuse your creations with vibrant colors and captivating patterns.✨ 

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