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Article: WEDNESDAY WASHI TIP - Two New BUJO Banner Styles


 ✨ We are back with our Weekly Wednesday Washi Tip series! ✨ In this week's video, we have two new banner styles for you using Washi Tape!

First up, we have a versatile banner style that can accommodate as many rows as you need, making it ideal for longer titles or captivating quote pages. Think of it as a piece of ribbon, with the secondary color serving as the background canvas.

Our second style features a flag-style banner adorned with patterned tape. While we've explored similar versions in the past, here's a quick tip for those of you who might be hesitant to start a BUJO journal because you do not know how to hand letter or do not like your handwriting: opt for letter stickers! These glittering letters not only look fantastic but also add an extra layer of visual appeal. (By the way, you can find the ones I used in our shop in various colors.

Both banner styles are a super easy way to incorporate washi tape in your planner or BUJO. And while hand-drawing these banners is an option, using washi allows you to introduce vibrant colors and captivating patterns. The result? Banners that truly pop off the page, adding texture and interest to your layouts.


 ✨BONUS: As always, my trusty tool of choice is the simple exacto knife. It's a bit like Goldilocks: not too hard, or you'll cut through the paper, and not too soft, or you won't cut the tape. The pressure needs to be just right... A gentle score on the washi, and it peels up like a dream.✨

 If you enjoyed these banner styles, be sure to check out our Wednesday Washi Tips playlist on Youtube for a treasure trove of past banners and title styles, along with our other tips to help you use washi in your calendar, planner, or bullet journal. You can count on us for fresh inspiration every week!

OR you can see our reels on your favorite social:  @WeAreBBBSupplies


Items used in this video:

Pink Sachet Washi Tape

Solid Washi Tape

Rose Gold Glitter Letters



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