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Article: Decorate Your Journal with Washi - WEDNESDAY WASHI TIP

Decorate Your Journal with Washi - WEDNESDAY WASHI TIP

Happy #WashiWednesday! Today, I’ve got a fun and unique way to use washi tape… use it to decorate the OUTSIDE of your journal. 🤍

It's a great way to add pattern, color, and a touch of your personality. Plus, you can customize journals for different purposes. Today, I'm showing you styles for a vacation journal, Bible journal, and manifestation journal. But the possibilities are endless! Think budget journals, habit tracking journals, self-reflection journals, art journals—you get the idea! What style of journal do you plan to create?

Don't forget to hit that save button so you can revisit these ideas whenever you are ready to try it. If you enjoyed this hack, be sure to explore our channel for plenty of Wednesday Washi Tips. You can subscribe to our channel to get updates on our future Wednesday Washi Tips. You can count on us for fresh inspiration and ways to incorporate washi tape into your calendar, bullet journal, or planner. Happy #washiwednesday , everyone!


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