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Article: Habit Tracking Journey

Habit Trackers

Habit Tracking Journey

This month I am going to dive into the benefits of using habit trackers. Personally, I'm excited to reclaim a few of my healthy routines that slipped away in the past few months, so i might have chosen this months theme more for me, than you (lol). Habit tracking in my journal is always a game changer and helps keep me motivated.

This month we are talking all about habit trackers. I though to kick off this habit tracking journey we needed a little Monday Motivation. This quote comes from an unlikely source, Stephen King. ... You can. You should. and if you're brave enough to start. You will..

I figured I should kick off this habit tracking journey with a little #mondaymotivation from a very unexpected source, Stephen King. I know he’s the “The king of horror” but his quotes are often surprisingly positive. This gem is perfect, because the hardest part is to start. Am I right?!?!

Whether it's hitting the gym, reading a chapter a day, or practicing gratitude - it can really be any goal large or small. Let's share our journeys and support each other along the way. I’m starting today … anyone else with me? ✨

Now, I'm curious: What habits are you guys focusing on lately? (Or need to focus on - lol) #HabitTrackingJourney #PositiveVibesOnly

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