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Article: Self-Love Journaling Prompt February Free Download

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Self-Love Journaling Prompt February Free Download

Self love free download

Ah, February: the month of Love! Are you a hopeless romantic?! Valentine’s Day when not spent with the special someone can feel disappointing. (Shout out to whoever invented Galentine’s, because having a good friend can fill that void more than a partner LOL) But no matter what your relationship status, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Yes, total cliché when you just say it, but it’s also a powerful truth. How you feel about and talk to yourself determines the success of other relationships, not to mention your mental health. After all, you are the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

Be your own valentine with self-love journaling prompts from BBB Supplies Craft Shop. This free printable will guide you through five days of self love journaling

Since February is the month of love, we’ve put together a 5-day challenge that can help you be your own valentine, putting the focus the relationship you have with yourself. Hopefully you already have a journaling routine or ritual. These prompts are meant to enhance what you already do, taking as little as 3 minutes to reflect on and answer the daily prompt. This way it forces you to set aside time to discover the many things you should love about yourself. Me-time often takes a back seat to the to-do list of tasks to get done and the feeling of needing to prioritize productivity over rest. But you don’t need to EARN a breather. These prompts are meant to be fast and easy so you have no excuses.
Im just going to go off on my journaling soap box for a moment…. Your mind is a powerful thing.  Once you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. I know it sounds woo-woo, but you know it’s true. So, if you do not already have a routine, prompts are the easiest way to get going because it allows you to have a starting point to script from. Hopefully by the end you will have a whole new perspective on self-love. You can also go back and answer them again and again, discovering more, and digging deeper to give yourself that encouragement and love.

Free download printable from BBB Supplies, a five day self-love journaling prompt.


How the Prompts work…

You can download our free printable and use that sheet to fill in the blanks or just use the prompts in your own journal.


There are so many things you can write here. These can be emotional, spiritual, a personality trait, anything, There really are a plethora of things to love about yourself. While this first excerise may feel tough, it is the most important.


These can be anything, an indulgence, alone time, hobbies, habits you want build, a satisfying meal, or anything for your physical health or emotional health, that brings you joy, and that you want to start making time for. (hint: start doing at least one of those NOW! Just start today!)


You are allowed to feel all emotions. There are no negative emotions, only negative reactions. We are often told to act a certain way from a young age, which causes us to suppress certain emotions that are perfectly natural to feel. Finding a way to express them in a healthy manner is important for growth.


This can be anything from an accomplishment at any point in your life, to a major challenge you have recently overcome, or even a personality trait you are proud of. This is something YOU are proud of, learn to release the need for it to be something someone has told you before, though it could be something others have noticed too.


Affirmations are a important part of a journaling and meditation practice. Find a space and time you can be alone (bathroom mirrors work great for this). Make it as personal as possible, in a positive tone and something you believe to be true. If you have trouble writing one, you can always use this one “I am enough”... because you are!

Writing Affirmations in a positive tone to succeed on your goals

Now… Affirmations can be tough at first, so I wanted to take a moment and explain how to write affirmations a bit further.

  1. Always use present tense. For Example: “I will make lose 20 pounds” to “I am prioritizing my health and fitness daily so that I reach my goal weight by Vacation.”
  2. Always, always, always use a positive tone of voice. Instead of “I won’t waste time scrolling my social media” to “I am free from the temptation to binge social media because I find more joy in time spent with family, reading, and self-care”
  3. They must be realistic and believable. Example, “I am a billionaire”… ok, and Sesame Street is real. I mean you can not speak an affirmation that is not true and believable. I just reduces the effectiveness. Instead affirm something you can do daily to work toward that goal, “I am a careful manager of my finances, and I prioritize adding value to my work so that my wealth is steadily amassing.”
  4. The words should resinate with you, which is why I recommend writing your own. It feels cheesy sometimes to use others words, or woo-woo language if that does not work for you. Personally , I am very analytical person and believe in being in the moment, so this was hard for me to learn. I realized that if I made them concrete and thought of them as goals it made sense to me.
  5. Your affirmations should light you up every day - the point is to inspire you to take action and prioritize the goals you really want to achieve. When you remind yourself of these goals through affirmations every single day, you ensure that you are acting in the direction of your goals every single day

Now… Here are some self-love affirmation examples.

  • I treat myself with self-respect and compassion every day.
  • I tell the negative voice in my head to get lost and reserve space only for loving self-talk.
  • I prioritize myself by prioritizing my health. I truly make decisions that serve me and take care of my body.
  • I forgive myself for being imperfect. Every perceived failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • I feel amazing when I wake up early, dedicate a few moments to myself, and move my body. I am committed to this habit for me.
  • I remind myself to be present. Maximizing the now is most important.

Self love journaling is a vital part to your ritual

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