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Article: DIY: Make Twist Ties with washi tape

Washi DIY

DIY: Make Twist Ties with washi tape


BBB Supplies brings you a new fun DIY on how to make these cute washi tape custom twist ties for your gift wrap.

We have a super easy DIY today. We are going to show you how to make washi tape twist ties. 

These are perfect to add to your gift wrap arsenal. You can of course find ANY washi tape to match your colors or themes since there are so many patterns available here at BBB Supplies Craft Shop. You can use them to tie up gift bags for odd sized items, for parties favors at a birthday or shower, or just use them to color coordinate and organize your home, like your pantry, cables, or kids supplies.


Wire cutters
Cellophane Bags


Start with six inches of washi tape and about five inches of wire.

Wrap the washi tape around one end of the wire.

While holding down the wire, lay it along the length of the washi and fold the other end over the edge of the wire. Try not to tug on wire here, it will slide out until both sides are secure.

Grab another six inches of washi tape.

Wrap one end slightly, then trying to go in one direction to avoid air bubbles, press the washi down from end to end.

Wrap the excess on the find end... and you have a WASHI TAPE TWIST TIE.



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